eminole Equity Partners, LLC

Seminole Equity Partners, LLC (“SEP”) is a joint venture between Seminole Equity Investments, LLC (“SEI”) and Round Rock Partners, LLC (“Round Rock”)

Seminole Equity Partners offers tax credit investments to widely held corporations, banks, and insurance companies. The firm provides advisory services that include structuring, deal sourcing, asset management, fund management, and underwriting to tax equity investors looking for projects that qualify for the Investment Tax Credit under Internal Revenue Code §48.

The combination of Seminole Financial Services and Seminole Equity Partners creates a true “One-Stop Shop” for renewable energy developers. Seminole Equity Partners provides tax equity solutions to complement the debt financing that Seminole Financial Services offers.

Seminole Equity Partners is committed to maintaining the industry’s highest professional and ethical standards while delivering our services in a personal, family-like manner. We are in the “relationship business” and strive to provide the highest level of satisfaction to all of our clients.

Satisfying our energy needs is one of the most important challenges facing the world today. The Principals at Seminole Equity Partners are committed to providing solutions that are a sustainable part of our energy future. They have extensive experience financing renewable energy installations across the country and have pioneered new structures in the debt and tax equity markets. The Principals created one of the nation’s first syndicated renewable energy tax equity funds and have combined to finance a variety of tax-incented projects representing more than $1 billion.